✨Hello Beautiful✨

About us

'Accessories are kind of like herbs and spices. They give zest and zing to an outfit.'

You wake up, get dressed and you feel full of energy. Because you know - today is going to be awesome. You’re wearing your favorite outfit and your hair looks amazing - but there is something missing.

You need something to complete your look. An accessory that stands out, but doesn't push your personality into the background. Something that compliments your style, but doesn't bother you while wearing it.

Our Designs

Our designs are inspired by wanderlust and beautiful places all over the world. We love exploring new places and making special memories to take back home with us. That is why every single one of our designs has its own story. We can tell you what we were thinking and which images we had in mind when we created it. We love to share some of these stories with you in our product descriptions.

Our Name

For us, the most inspiring place we have visited is Hawaii. Memories of the scent of fresh flowers in the air and the crystal clear water will stay with us forever.


PURELEI is a brand inspired by the beauty of Hawaii. Each piece has a unique story. PURE stands for the pureness of our bodies and for the beauty of Hawaii. LEI is the Hawaiian word for the famous flowerchains that are iconic in Hawaii and represents our passion for the aloha spirit. PURELEI differentiates itself through smart designs, high quality materials, and by providing a super comfortable fit - all at a very accessible price.

Our Claim

Seemingly easy, finding the perfect accessory can prove to be rather difficult. Our claim is to create handmade accessories with smart designs, high quality materials and clever fits. We strive to provide you with a piece that has a story behind it - and that accompanies you whilst living your own.